Hearing aid system

These details make every bajula model so special:

    optimal locking of different hearing aids
    very good protection against dirt, slipping, loss
    without hearing loss, no noise or acoustic feedback
    supports the auditory communication treatment
    Functionality of the hearing aid remains visible through the mesh
    the headband simultaneously holds the magnetic coil
    due to the additional hold of the magnetic coil, it can be used weaker
    the scalp of the processor carrier is protected
    simplifies the wearing of water systems (see: Lycra fabric range)
    high-quality, precise workmanship. Manufacturing is done by hand
    high wearing comfort thanks to breathable, skin-friendly materials
    simple locking systems with infinitely variable length adjustment
    flexible product manufacturing
    Special solutions, such as the use of different hearing aids in one headband, can be easily implemented

Produced in Germany!
The hearing aid carrying systems are a recognized aid by the GKV. The product can be prescribed via a prescription, whereupon the costs are covered by the health insurance company after approval.

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